Bride’s Bible

Do not drastically change the color of your hair. At least one month before the big day you should have decided on a color with your hair stylist.

Do not experiment with haircuts; do not make dramatic changes that you will regret.

Avoid alcohol because it will give you extra calories, which you certainly do not want.

Do not change your current workout routine because you can pull some muscles and you may not be able to recuperate in time.

When it comes to make-up, many brides change their look. Big mistake!

Do not make decisions based on panic with liquid diets, your body needs balance and meals that contain mostly fruits, vegetables and meat (protein, vitamin…… - vegetarians/vegan).

Peeling and dermabrasion masks should be done one to two weeks before the wedding, any closer to the wedding day and they could potentially cause irritation or any other condition that will not be able to be covered up with makeup.

The week before your wedding, do not add or change any of the skin products (face or body) you use.

Reducing your regular intake of caffeine may cause dehydration and dark circles under your eyes.

Enjoy every minute of the preparation process, because moments passed cannot be relived.

Sleep well, relax and leave the sleepless nights for your wedding day and on.