Dream a little dream of you

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Eliminate the pre-wedding madness

What counts is that he proposed.
That one of your fingers sparkles more.
And that the exciting count-down until the big day has begun.

The days that follow are exhilarating. And stress is not entitled to be a part of them, let alone be the key ingredient.
Our role is to ensure just that.

From the discovery process of "this-is-the-dress" to the ultimate choice of the team who will take care of every detail of your image; contribute to avoid wasting your time and dubious choices in order for you to enjoy the whole process as you rightly deserve: carefree.


We have met the enemy and she is us

The excitement of the preparations usually tempt expectant brides to excesses which rarely operate for the benefit of the big event.

"The more, the better". Or better not.
Your best self, is one without burden.

This is why our advice/guidance solely focuses on the key elements that will make you radiant, with a fresh glow. With only the necessary amount of make-up and essential decisions.

Love Is Sweet

What about the candy bars & treats?

Instead of customary weddings and christening favors/boubounieres, the new trend is to provide a designated area filled with various flavors of sugar coated almonds, cake pops, cupcakes and various desserts; “the candy bar” has prevailed.

Depending on the preferences of each bride, mother (if a christening) or friends (baby shower), we arrange a candy bar that is tailor made according to the theme and the color of your preference.